Spring Break!

This has been such a strange winter weather wise! Mild temperatures with intermitent bone chilling weeks and a lack of snow. It has been tricky keeping the girls entertained outside. We had the chance to go to Homer for my husbands work for a quick overnight trip. Homer is a looooooong ways away but it is sooooo pretty and it was spring break so why not! The girls call Homer the beach and where we usually stay the beach house. The beach house is seasonal so I told them we would be staying somewhere new but we would still have plenty of fun adventures. They packed soccer balls, beach toys, sunglasses, Zoie wanted to buy new flip flops before I realized, OH they think it is summer at the beach. “Umm, sadly it is still winter but we are going to make the best of it!” Famous last mom words.

Homer is beautiful. I love everything about it. Finley’s wasn’t feeling well so she loved cuddling in the hotel room with dad watching cable tv (which is a novelty when you don’t have it lol). Zoie stayed with them while my mom and I drove to the spit and watched the surfer. Another reason why I love Alaska. I LOVE Alaskan’s. It was in barely into the double digits, 12 degree’s F, and this guy is out there surfing. It was so fun to watch with the snow capped mountains as a backdrop.

We grabbed Z and headed to dinner at Two Sisters, yummmmmy yummmmy food. Plus, paper on the table so she drew a fox eating blueberries and wrote a little story about him <3 Then we caught a freezing but lovely sunset. I just loved how much the waved sparkled!

The next morning we headed to the beach and it was windy and freezing.  Z loves beach combing and found a lone seashell which quickly became her prized possession. Beach combing is strange, on a frozen beach! The girls were troopers until Z got splashed with a wave and then the fun was over. F had no interest in the water or the waves. Too cold and I agree!

Homer is such a beautiful place even when it is freezing. I can not wait to go back this summer <3




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