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Most parents fondly refer to me as the baby whisperer or the toddler tamer. I appear to have magical ways of creating gorgeous images from a seemingly chaotic session. Just like the quote though “Time and tides wait for no man”, the one thing I cannot do is stop time. As parents, our chaotic days are filled and stretched and before we know it those magical childhood moments have sped by. I am here to document those moments because not only do their features change, but so does the incredibly honest way thery view the world. That childhood wonder filled with whimsy, adventure, and enchantment.

For you I want to document the tiny person that completed your heart and family. For them I want them to see how incredibly special and precious they truly are.

A miracle. A hope. A fairytale. A dream fulfulled.
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“Leslie is multifaceted, adaptable, and creative in every situation. She is agile in her creativity to take her talent to any landscape and her adaptive style can cater to any client. Leslie’s intimate knowledge of Alaska and how to use her surroundings creates unique images for the ultimate storytelling experience.”

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endless patience & enthusiasm

I LOVE the personality of kids. They tend to do things their way. As a child photographer, I expect this! I’m not upset when your three-year-old has a meltdown or when your son has a million questions. I love kids.

exceptional customer service

My booking schedule and turn around time are set so that each family gets the attention to detail they deserve. You are important to me!

problem solving

With 11+years of experience and over 1000 sessions under my belt, I confidently can resolve tricky situations. For example, I know winning your kids over will lead to a successful season so getting on their level and getting to know them will help any hiccups that may happen later go smoother!

your family is photogenic

My portfolio is all real images of REAL families! Just like yours! Part of my job is to help coach you and I will give your family tips to help make you look your best as I set up each pose and tips to help interact for more candid shots as well.

i genuinely love my LMP families

Its just my personality. When you work with me, you become my extended family. I’ll cheer with you when your baby takes her first steps, and I will tear up if you leave Alaska. I’ve been photographing some of my clients since I started and it’s been a joy, a honor, and a privilege to watch their children grow and change.

you'll have a personal stylist

If you don’t have perfectly styled Pinterest worthy outfits, that’s TOTALLY OK! We can create gorgeous images no matter what you’re wearing. BUT, if you have a look in mind and plan ahead, I’m happy to help! I’ll send you clothing tips and sample combos for inspiration, or you!

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