I’m so excited about this post! I’m joining a group of photographers and each month we have a theme and stylize a session around that theme. Right up my alley! Well this months theme was perfectly imperfect. I was brainstorming on how I was going to stylize this session using both my girls. At the same time I was trying to plan Finley’s one year photo’s. So after her session I knew I had to use it for this theme! I had visions of grandeur of a her chubby little legs and the perfect stump I found. A darling crown I ordered months ago perched daintily on her head. I had little butterflies to decorate around her, fairy wings, she was going to be quite the forest sprite. It was going to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!  I could hardly contain my excitement to get out there and shoot this session! Her and Zoie were going to pose perfectly together! It was going to be magic.  Sigh. Not so much. So this is a great post for those of you who send me messages and comments about my girls and their photo’s. It isn’t always a walk in the enchanted forest so to speak lol. They even have bad days. So here is my Perfectly Imperfect session. Of course we got a few goodies, just not what I had envisioned.  So those are included at the end. Of course I had to show off Zoie my assistant as well ;D

This one I do ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!!

Here is a sneak peek of another part of our birthday session 😀

And of course the face of LMP herself:


Head on over to Amanda Faucett Photography to see what she has come up with! (She was out of town so her post might be a little delayed)

Thank you Melissa, I love your interpretation as well 😀