{What to Wear}

Wardrobe 101:

It’s great to coordinate but not to be matchy.

I know there’s so much more to you than jeans and a white shirt!


I suggest two sets of outfits (ie. one dressy and one casual) coordinated for everyone. You can’t have too many clothes! For newborn sessions, it’s easiest to pick something that mom can wear and then work everything around that.


Even in the summer, layers add interest and we can change a look quickly by adding/removing them (think hats, scarves, belts, jackets, vests, leggings, jewelry, ties, layering shirts).


Try to use as few solids and as many textures as possible. You CAN mix patterns, colors, and textures.


I like color and lots of it. OK, I LOVE color. One thing to try is to pick a color and then weave it throughout the outfits to tie it together (ie. baby in a pink onesie, dad in a pink tie, mom in pink heels).


Once you’ve got the outfits lined out, try to add at least one small part to reflect your personalities, like a hat, a fun t-shirt under a jacket, or cool shoes. I love it when mom stands out in a dress/skirt or fashionable jeans with heels/boots.