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Most parents fondly refer to me as the baby whisper or the toddler tamer. I appear to have magical ways of creating gorgeous images from a seemingly chaotic session. Just like the quote though "Time and tides wait for no man" the one thing I can not do is stop time. It keeps rushing by us. As parents our chaotic days are filled and stretched and before we know it those magical childhood moments have sped by. Our babies that once gave us butterflies in the womb, that we snuggled as we inhaled that intoxicating aroma of newborn goodness, those tiny hands we taught to clap as they learned to sit up, and those chubby feet that took those first steps, soon pass by at lightning speed. Those gentle baby ringlets give way to tossed hair over the shoulders as they ask to borrow the car keys. We lose track of time. I am here to document those details because not only do their features change but so does the incredibly honest way thery view the world. That childhood wonder filled with whimsy, adventure, and enchantment. I strive to capture how they viewed the world at that age with that wide eyed wonder and excitement.

For you I want to document the tiny person that completed your heart and family. For them I want them to see how incredibly special and precious they truly are. A miracle. A hope. A fairytale. A dream fulfulled.

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