Wall Displays, ooh la la!

In December I purchased a pretty awesome app for my ipad that does wall display layouts. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it until recently. It is pretty addicting! I just used the most recent images from my girls studio session as an example. It comes with stock room images however I can also take images from the rooms in my home or rooms in your home to get a good idea of how they will look and what sizes would work best. There is a framed option for standard framing as well as unframed which would be similar to canvas displays. I am researching similar options for the Organic Bloom frames.
Here are the samples I had fun playing with and I will also show sizes as reference. I will definitely be doing this frequently as samples and as part of the In Person Ordering Appointment. I am more than happy to help you choose creative and unique displays when your order your wall displays through LMP. I have spent a few months researching new products and vendors to offer and I am sooooo excited for all new studio fabulousness LMP has for 2015!

So hard to choose my favorite of these!

Image one is: 30×20 with three 10X8’s
Image two is: 17×11 and two 12×8’s
Image three is: 30X20, 16×24, and 12×24
Image four is: two 16×20’s, 32×20, three 10×10’s


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