Thank you for introducing us! The best compliment you give to my studio is when you recommend me to your friends and family. Truly, a friend of yours is a friend of mine! I love my clients so much and I am convinced it’s because you are all connected to each other in one way or another. When you refer a client to me, I’d love to thank you with a gift to use for your next session as well as a gift for your friend too! Thank you for spreading the joy! I really appreciate it! Referrals truly are the heart of my business and each and every one of you leaves my studio or session as my friend. I am very lucky to have such an amazing connection with all of you and thank you for spreading the love. So after your session you will receive the full details about my awesome referral program. Not a client yet or are you a local business? No worries!!! I still keep track of each and every referral and you can earn referrals towards your session and local businesses get very special thank you’s 😉 Feel free to email me about my awesome referral program as well as my fabulous local business perk program at See you soon!

PS. How cute are my marketing materials???

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