Meet Your Photog!

Hello! I am Leslie and the owner/artist behind Leslie Meadow Photography. I love living in Alaska with my adventurous husband and two spirited girls. I love vintage and modern, ALL things ORANGE and pink, the beach and the mountains, sunshine and the starry nights, and cuddles by the fire.

More importantly I LOVE childhood!

I love giggle fits and tickle fights. Forts and slaying imaginary dragons. Bright colors and imagination beyond limits. The wonder and the magic of all things new.

Remember when you were a carefree wild child with a heart of gold?  20 years from now you’ll be reminiscing about your little one exactly this way. Those deep hugs as your bury your face in their tufts of unruly hair. Their skinned knees. Their favorite lovie, mischievous glances, naughty smirks.  That smattering of freckles that danced across her nose. The way that, lost in his own imagination, he is unafraid to unabashedly be himself.

I capture that.  I bring vintage nostalgia and blend it with modern whimsy and pops of bold color to forever bring to life the endearing quirks and priceless moments you love the most. Yes, even the tantrums.  One day those too will be a precious remember-when.

 I am a tutu with galoshes, a unicorn at a tea party and glitter on a Wednesday morning. I can save the world with slobbering kisses and become a princess slaying a dragon.  I am drop to the floor giggles, a mountain dance with fairies, a beloved storybook under the stars and handblown kisses across the sky,


I am where your imagination leads you. I am the unexpected.


And it works.


I am Leslie Meadow Photography.