Lions, Tigers, and Toddlers oh my! Anchorage Fall Family Photographer

anchorage fall family

With fall here in Alaska that means that family portrait sessions are in full swing! I love this time of year and absolutely love capturing Alaska’s families in Anchorage’s stunning fall colors. I know one of the biggest concerns for all parents when they book a session is, “How will by child act?”.  Trust me when I say it is fine! I LOVE toddlers. The more personality the better! They aren’t misbehaving if they aren’t cooperating. Through all my sessions I try and do a mix of posed and candid shots. I know you need that shot that goes on the holiday card or the one that grandma wants with everyone’s smiling faces. I totally get that! I also try to capture the essence of their personality in THIS stage in their quickly growing life and in THIS stage of your quickly changing seasons! So if they give me a grumpy face, totally fine! I will also get the naughty smirk, the belly laugh, the hands as they hold treasures they have discovered, and those tiny feet as they explore new things. I will get an unruly lock of hair and that endearing dimple. I also have many many many other tricks up my sleeve 😉 Moods for toddlers change quickly so I truly am not bothered by the occasional tantrum or defiant stare. I know that it will pass and we will find something they will be interested in soon. I always recommend lots of snacks, because lets face it, we all get hangry and snacks are never not a good idea 😉 I am working on a new family prep guide that will help guide you and prepare you for your session, with things you CAN control. However, when it comes to your child or toddler and you are worrying if they are going to cooperate, trust me when I say we got this. Their personality is what I want to see and I want to capture them exploring and playing and doing the things that all toddlers and kids love to do. More importantly please don’t miss out on this amazing time to photograph your kiddo’s. This is a short season and quickly it will change too.

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