You have finally sat down with all your digital images and you are ready to get them printed! Woo hoo! You have painstakingly made your lists for printing and who you are gifting the prints to as well as where each image is going to be proudly displayed.  Then something strange happens. They don’t print the same and some images are cropped in a strange way.  What the heck???? Don’t worry, this is due to aspect ratio. Each camera photographs an image with a specific aspect ratio, which is the ratio of width to height.  Most digital camera’s photograph with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and this ratio create’s 4×6’s, 8×12’s etc. So any print outside that side is going to experience some cropping. It is inevitable. The lab I recommend allow’s you to choose how you want your image cropped so you can minimize the cropping of the good stuff. Of course, when we do your ordering session we will go over cropping and I can show you how cropping will affect your image based on the sizes you choose for printing. Here is a handy visual guide to help! The shaded area is where the image will be cropped when printing at that size 😀

8.5x11 cropping guide