Sappy post warning! Six. It sounds so old! I thought five sounded old too. In less than a month my oldest will be six. Six. It is a total cliche that time flies, but it sure does! She brings so much joy and spirit into my life. I am so blessed to be her mom and share this adventure with her. I am grateful for every single day. In the not too distant future she will will be spreading her wings and having her own adventures and I can’t even imagine the heart break mixed with pride that I am going to feel. So for now I will collect every moment and cherish every memory shared with her.

I plan on taking a photo a day of her for the last month she is 5. I am a little behind so today is a collection of spirited images. There is something so liberating and freeing about hair whipping or shaking. It’s like twirling. You can feel the wind and the movement and it is just about you being you. I love her curls. Her has never been cut and has always had side swoop with the bangs after her baby mullet grew out 😉 I love her lashes and how her eyes are less green version of mine <3 I love how her heart, her kindness, and her spirit just radiates around her <32015-03-08_0002.jpg

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