Arizona 2015!

Hello lovelies!!! I am so excited to announce that LMP is heading to bright and sunny AZ! We won’t mention that it could quite possibly be for my 20 year high school reunion, shhhhh. Coincidentally I have a family reunion that same weekend! I am so excited to see everyone and of course I couldn’t travel without offering a few sessions! I will be taking a very limited number of sessions from October 18th-25th. All sessions must be booked before September 15th so I can plan my trip accordingly and ensure planning time, errrrr shopping time, for styled sessions 😀 I know this is a crazy busy time with fall, back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, even Christmas right around the corner, and the excitement of a new year but it has been 4, yes FOUR years, since I have been back to AZ and I certainly don’t know when I will be back again 😀 I am looking forward to seeing all your pretty faces <3 Follow the link below for booking information and packages and as always PLEASE do not hesitate to email me with any questions!


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